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Please accept the following policies regarding our use of personal information before contacting us.

Written Agreement Pertaining to the Handling of Personal Information

Our company will retain personal information of clients, and will endeavor to protect said information as established below.

[Use objectives]

To Answer a question from a question person

[Provision to third parties]

Our company shall refrain from providing personal information to third parties without the permission of the principal except when so established by law.

[Consignment of the handling of personal information]

During the course of our operations, our company may partially consign work externally in order to provide better services to clients, and entrust the personal information of clients to subcontractors. In such instances, subcontractors recognized as those who handle personal information appropriately shall be selected; said subcontractors shall be compelled in their contracts to establish whatever measures are necessary with respect to the proper management, confidentiality, and the like of personal information to prevent the leaking of personal information of clients, and shall manage said information as appropriate.

[Voluntariness of the submission of personal information]

Clients shall of their own volition submit personal information to our company. However, please understand that our company may be unable to provide responses or services if personal information is not submitted.

[Regarding personal information disclosure requests]

Clients have the right to request notice of the use purpose, maritime affairs, correction of the contents, addition, elimination, a stop of use and a stop of erasure and an offer to a third person of your personal information.

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