Privacy policy

Basic policies regarding the protection of personal information

SEA LINK understands that it is vital to provide our clients with swift and cordial services in forwarding cargos, and it is critical to protect and manage clients' personal information in order to build mutual trust with them.

  1. We uphold the laws, legislated policies, and regulations concerning personal information protection. We manage information of our clients and employees based on our personal information protection management system which complies with the JISQ15001 standard. The management system will frequently be reviewed for constant improvement.
  2. We use personal information for the following purposes:
    • Transport vehicles (including motorcycles and construction machinery) and cargos, and provide incidental services.
    • Perform business operations such as providing clients with reports and information.
    • Hire employees, perform labour management, manage human resources, salaries, healthcare and safety.
    • Manage entrance to/exit from the offices.
  3. We use personal information only within the predefined purposes.
  4. We will disclose no personal information to a third party unless the laws or regulations require otherwise or the person agrees to the disclosure.
  5. If the person requests for disclosure, correction, or termination of use of his/her personal information which we collected, we will take necessary actions depending on the request. For details, please contact our consultation desk at the email address or telephone number shown below.
  6. We may disclose personal information when we outsource business tasks to our group/associated companies in order to complete such tasks. When we do so, we first select reliable companies to perform the tasks and conclude a contract to avoid inappropriate use of personal information.
  7. We appoint a manager to teach our employees about appropriate use of personal information. We take necessary steps to prevent loss, damage, falsification, and leakage of personal information as well as illegal access to them, and strive for appropriate and safe management of the information.
  8. Please contact the consultation desk below for your complaints or consultations regarding our basic policies above.

    Corporation SEA LINK A general affairs department Head
    Telephone: 078-855-2964

Date of enactment: November 11, 2011
Date of enactment: July 01, 2019

Representative Director Tetsuhiro Ueda

Handling of personal information

Purposes of use when obtaining personal data in person without written forms

The personal information which is received while undertaking business tasks entrusted by customers shall be solely used for efficient processing of such tasks. No personal information obtained while undertaking business tasks entrusted by customers will be disclosed.

Objectives of using personal information to be disclosed

Type of personal information Use objectives
Information of individuals from whom materials requests or inquiries have been received Response to inquiries
Guide to services
Client information Contact with clients, performance of agreements, performance claims, etc.
Information pertaining to employment candidates & applicants Employment screening, contact
Employee info Employment management for personnel, general affairs, etc.

Liability Waiver

We are committed to safeguarding your private information and never share your personal information with unaffiliated third parties without your permissions as permitted by law.
We collect customers' access information such as IP addresses.We collect the information for our internal purposes, which we may use to improve our Web site, or to help us provide better services to you, not in order to determine individuals.However, in case there is a disruptive behavior or attacking our servers, we may determine individuals via providers or agencies concerned.

This Web site exhibits the company information and guidelines of SEA-LINK JAPAN, LTD.
Although we are committed to exhibiting accurate information, we do not guarantee accuracy of the indicated information.
By accessing this site, you signify your agreement with the following statement SEA-LINK JAPAN, LTD has no responsibility to and makes no warranties for direct or indirect consequential damages that result from the access or use of this web site except in case of serious negligence by SEA-LINK JAPAN, LTD.

Collection and Disclosure of Private information

  1. Collection of private information

    When we receive emails including customers' personal information such as inquires, we may forward the emails to an internal person in charge to confirm and examine the contexts.We collect logs in order to have information on visitors. Logs contain information of IP addresses, Internet browsers, and URLs from which you access, but this is not the information which identify individuals.

  2. The purpose of use and offer

    The purposes of use when dealing with customers' information are following

    1. To satisfy our customers' diverse demands
    2. To convey our latest service information
    3. To provide information which our customers demand
    4. To contact our customers when they request contacts
  3. Disclosure and Revise of private information and Access Restriction

    We may restrict access, disclose, revise, renew, or invalidate personal information we collect as customers demand. Please contact us by an email or a call if you want us to restrict access, disclose, revise, renew, or invalidate your private information.

  4. Liability Waiver about sharing and disclosure of personal information

    Without customers' permission, we may not share or disclose customers' private information we collect to third parties as a principle.However, we will disclosure or share customers' personal information to third parties without permission in following cases;

    1. in case country, municipality, the court, police, or other law petition for disclosure of the information
    2. in case we have customers' agreements beforehand
  5. Procedures for disclosure and such of personal information

    Please contact us at the followings to request disclosure and so forth:
    Corporation SEA LINK A general affairs department Head
    Telephone: 078-855-2964 E-mail:

We may change the purposes of use in the scope of privacy policy. We will inform you of the changes rapidly in our web site as required by law.

[Authorized first information protection organization name and complaint resolution liaison]

Authorized personal information protection organization name
Japan Institute for Promotion of Digital Economy and Community
Complaint Resolution Liaison
Personal Information Protection Complaint Consultation Office
106-0032 1-9-9 Roppongi, Minato, Tokyo Roppongi First Building
Telephone number

[This is not a contact for inquiries pertaining to our company's products and services.]
[Please contact the Sea Link Japan, Limited Secretary's Office for inquiries pertaining to our company's products and services.]