Business purpose

Business purpose

Ocean transport service
Automobile/freight hauling business
Vessel lease/marine transport agent/shipping agent
Harbor transportation business
Trading business and its agent of automobile/industrial machine/miscellaneous goods and their related parts
Management consultant/temporary employment agency
Sales of used cars/construction machinery and their components and recycling products
Contracting business of various guards
Contracting business of cleanup and maintenance management inside and outside of buildings
Contracting business of product conveyance in facilities
Freight car transportation business
Rent and buy and sell of automobiles, vehicles and other various real estate
Lending and lending relating to land and yard
All the businesses related to each item above

Compliance and Privacy mark

Privacy mark

SEA-LINK JAPAN keeps the Personal Information Protection Act and the related laws and regulations, and construct a privacy protection management system for information compliance, under the belief of laying down the compliance program in the firm is the activity to enhance the corporation itself, in order to implement of meeting the social request for us to handle right all the important information from our customers.
All employees dedicate to acting in accordance with the sense of values and ethical perspectives that corporations and workers are asked for and work hard to prevent the illicit use of the information.
» See privacy policy

Conditions of carriage

SEA-LINK JAPAN transports your valuable vehicles with care based on the transportation contract for standard motor truck and the transportation contract for standard coastal service notified by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism. Please double check at SEA-LINK JAPAN's homepage where you can find the full text before you use our service.
» See conditions of carriage

Modal shift


The biggest advantage of the marine transport is the efficiency of mass transport in bulk of long distance transport. SEA-LINK JAPAN promotes the modal shift which is in consideration of the global environment.
The modal shift is not only effective to suppress the amount of CO2 emissions, but it also gathers the attention for a measure to a social problem. By mass transporting in bulk, the efficiency of energy consumption per unit will improve. Moreover, it is effective in reducing traffic jams by not depending on trucks too much and also contributes to preventing traffic accidents by releasing truck drivers from long drive as well. We will continue tackling more and more cases by cooperating and collaborating with our customers.