SEA-LINK JAPAN transports any vehicles from light vehicles to large-scale construction machinery in the most effective way.

Marine and land intermodal transportation

We offer door-to-door Sea-Land intermodal transportation that is linked by ocean and land by making full use of our domestic bases which have been developed. By collaborating with domestic coastal services including our group companies and local ground transportation companies rooted in their areas, our professional staff coordinate the best routes to satisfy our customer's needs in both lead time and costs.
We make full use of SEA-LINK JAPAN's original know-how which we have learned from many years of experience and we transport your vehicles safely, reliably and carefully to anywhere by offering the most suitable way to your specific vehicle which includes passenger cars, motorcycles, trucks, heavy equipment, construction machinery, chassis, immovable vehicles, damaged cars, etc.

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Core competence

Fusion of long distance and short distance transportation

We offer the best price which is almost same as the short distance transportation by efficient mass transportation, which we make full use of vessels to share the volume.

High quality network with our associated companies

We utilize the network of our selected associates which had cleared our standard to transport any vehicles from Hokkaido to Okinawa.

Our original transportation management system

We have the most effective ordering environment with our original transportation management system which was developed from our know-how and all the record of past performances to take care of even the largest order.

Arrangements for transportation by experienced staff

All our experienced staff, as we handle more than 200,000 vehicles yearly, will take care of your vehicles faithfully from door to door with our unique transportation method to fit your needs and the character of your vehicles.

Possession of stockyards

We have stockyards in Kanto, Kansai and Kyushu areas and temporary storages is available for those vehicles under receivable management. We do small tasks for our customers such as taking photos of your vehicles, clean up or check-up upon your requests.