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We are always challenging the technological innovation to match up to the current trends and we offer the best transportation method to satisfy your needs "promptly" and "faithfully".



We offer the best transportation for each vehicle with our original know-how.

Transport of any automobile can be classified into these three classes; one of which is new car transport, used car transport and your own car transport. For the new car transport, we take care of the transportation from automobile manufacturers to harbors and distribution bases, pre-delivery inspection centers and car dealers and for the used car transport, in between auction sites, used car dealers and rental car centers, for the own car transport, we transport your own cars to the new places when you're moving.

SEA-LINK JAPAN mainly transports used cars and your privately owned vehicles. We generally use a car carrier trailer for land transportation, however, our driver individually drives your car to the areas such as residential and urban district that are hard to get by or for those cars which are too wide or too high for the trailer. You don't need to worry about the expiration date on your vehicle inspection certificate. We use various sizes of car carrier trailers such as one for one machine, one for multiple units and trailers, depending on how large your order is. We have specific cars for transporting a motorcycle and damaged car (immovable car), so please don't hesitate to ask us.

We use sea routes as well as land routes for a long distance transport. We drive those cars on the passageway called ramp-way that is equipped at the center or back of vessels which lies on the quay to load and unload cars to/from the vessels.
We load various kinds of cars without wasting any spaces inside of 5 to 6 layers, which depends on how large the vessel is, of spaces and we transport your cars safely.

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Construction machine

Construction machine image

We transport various kinds of special vehicles in accordance with laws and regulations.

Since some of the construction machinery can't go on the roads we generally transport those machinery on trailers. For the one that is too big to load on trailers, we take it into smaller parts such as crawlers, buckets and counterweights then put them onto several trailers. According to Road Traffic Act, for those vehicles which has particular structure or particular freight and if one of these following which is either width, length, height or total weight is over the limit of general road regulation or if the total weight is over the maximum weight of either bridge, elevated expressway or tunnel regulations, the vehicle will be defined as a special vehicle and we need the "Special vehicle traffic permission" in order to go on the road. Furthermore, there might be the restrictions such as driving slow or driving night-time only.

We need to pay attention when we're loading the heavy machinery. There are so many things that you have to consider when we're transporting heavy machinery such as the strength of the quay and the strength, width and size of the entrance of vessel's ramp way. We'll offer the best transportation measure for each vehicle in accordance with all the regulations.

Auto truck

We satisfy your specific needs.

For the land transportation of large vehicles such as trucks, buses or trailers, we'll drive ourselves. We choose the suitable driver who holds the specific license for each vehicle including large‐sized cars and towing cars. There are signs on many commercial trucks, we can put tape over the sign to cover or put up the sign "forwarding" to show the vehicle is out-of-service.

Auto truck image


We offer a more effective measure of transportation.

This is how we load/unload vehicles on chassis to/from a vessel. We pull them with a truck head directly into a vessel and detach from the truck head for loading. They'll be connected to the truck head again to unload and ready to send them in to the delivery destinations.
There are merits to detach simply the truck head that save driver's labor and shipping space. On top of that, being able to transport in one-step leads to save a lot of costs as well. In addition, we can reduce the shock to freight by using marine transportation and protect your important vehicles from damage. We work so hard to establish the reliable system to transport safely and securely and will continuously maintain the quality and safe transportation.

Chassis image

Collection support service

Leasing cars are increasing these days by the reason of financial matters or reduction of vehicle management tasks, but sometimes accidents happen. SEA-LINK JAPAN will offer the transportation and the storage space for the vehicles in custody.

We'll visit anywhere from Hokkaido to Okinawa at the date and the place you want. We'll also take care of the vehicles that are under those conditions such as battery died, broke down or vehicle inspection was expired. We transport not only passenger cars, but also motorcycles, light cars, trucks, buses, heavy industrial machinery and vehicles with expired vehicle inspection. We also offer keeping the cars till appraisal or erasing the logos or signs on the vehicles. In case of taking a long time till appraisal of the vehicle or the case of you must move the vehicle immediately from the current storage area, we will keep them for you in our yard that is carefully managed.

Global transportation

Global transportation image

With our group companies' partnership and a network of the ocean liner companies, we can offer global transportation arrangement service to send your vehicles to any ports in the world. We omit all your troubles to ask each specialty since we'll be taking care of all the arrangements on behalf of you beginning with receiving and transport your vehicles in Japan, procedure of certificate of registration cancellation for export, securing the space of the ocean liner for your vehicle, marine insurance, various inspections, customs clearance, the publication of the bill of lading (B/L), so that we can reduce your burden. By the international intermodal transport system which is linked to domestic distribution, we have an efficient trading operation.
» See international network

Own car transportation

We transport your important vehicles from motorcycles to light cars/passenger cars everywhere in japan regardless of any car model when you are moving, on business trips or transferring between individuals. We can also reduce the burden which is accompanied by transferring your employee that the person in charge in the general affairs department might have. Rely on SEA-LINK JAPAN that is the specialist of the vehicle transportation.

[Flow of transportation of personal-use cars]


After contacting you, our driver will visit you to receive your car. The driver will check your vehicle conditions in your presence by using original check list. * Please be noted that we are not responsible in case of stolen goods, lost items or damages inside of your car or trunk.


We'll choose the best route for you with a combination of sea and land.

After contacting you, our driver will drop off your car to you. We will ask for your stamp (signature) after you check the condition of your car and the checklist which we went through together at the pick-up. * We won't accept any claims (ex. Scratches, etc.) after you stamp/sign.

Other business

Yard Business・In-house work

Since the most of the domestic used car markets are distributing through auto auctions or market places, they are essentials for used car business. They do not only construct the distribution network but also contribute to the formation of the fair price in the market by fulfilling fair and healthy trades.

We, SEA-LINK JAPAN, making use of our strengths in the company yard and in-house work businesses to fully support, provide services of administrations from reviewing location conditions for auto auctions and bidding sessions to the planning and sales aspects. We will also produce and coordinate the auction business in terms of improving on-site work efficiency and cost reduction.

■Yard Business
The contents of our yard business are mainly the following three services.

@Storage service Vehicle safekeeping and vehicle management
ATransit service Transit and management of vehicles for mid-/long-distance transportation, and temporary custody for loading and unloading of auction and bidding venues
BCommercialization service Instruction manuals, personal information deletion of maintenance notebooks, internal and external cleaning of vehicles, removal or disassembly of electrical components, removal of signs and stickers, taking photos, data entry of exhibition forms, and the like

■In-house work
For in-house work, we perform car check-ups in the auction hall and bidding venues, sorting of exhibition vehicles, data entry, creation of exhibition lists and loading, unloading and showing of vehicles at the auction and bidding venues, etc.

<Concrete example>(Titles omitted)
・ Auctions(General in-house work in the JU Hall * In some part of Kanto)
・Bidding sessions
ORIX Satellite venues(Kisarazu Satellite, Nagoya Satellite, Okinawa Satellite)
ORIX Auto Bases(Kisarazu Auto Base, Kobe Auto Base)
ORIX Auto Plaza(Kobe Auto Plaza)
・Commercialization(J-BOY, Be Forward, etc.)

  • Yard storage service
  • car cleaning work
  • detachment of signs and stickers work
  • telematics disassembly work
  • taking photos
  • data transcription for exhibition forms

* Currently, we have yards at 5 locations from Kanto to Okinawa as follows.(Chiba ・ Aichi ・ Hyogo ・ Fukuoka ・ Okinawa)

  • 野田ヤード Noda yard
    (business of @AB)
    1727 Hunakata Noda-shi Chiba
  • 弥富ヤード Yatomi yard
    (business of @A)
    5-13-15 Nishisuehiro Yatomi-shi Aichi
  • 箱崎ヤード Kobe yard
    (business of @A)
    5-1 Minatojima Chuou-ku Kobe-shi Hyogo
  • 神戸ヤード Hakozaki yard
    (business of @)
    5-8-10 Hakozakihuto Higashi-ku Hukuoka-shi Hukuoka
  • 豊見城ヤード Tomigusuku yard
    (business of @AB)
    562-2 Yone Tomigusuku-shi Okinawa

BPObusiness process outsourcing

BPO is an abbreviation for Business Process Outsourcing. That means entrusting outside specialties with company's certain tasks. SEA-LINK JAPAN not just takes those tasks, but also gives total support which we plan and analyze the operation process to introduce necessary technology and also prepare human resource and the facilities.

BPO focuses on "core business" which is the foundation of the strong competitiveness against the others or future growth, which is very effective corporate strategy to embody a further leap. By using SEA-LINK JAPAN BPO, you can cut down your costs since your tasks will be consolidated and standardized and you'll also be able to visualize your business plan outline which leads to improvement of quality in your business. Furthermore, you'll be able to reorganize human resources to optimize your company's strong points.

By making use of SEA-LINK JAPAN unique know-how which has cultivated for many years, we'll give you flexible advices to fit your conditions with the comprehensive point of views including future visions of your company.

<Example> Collection support service

We do not only arrange the pick-up for the vehicle, but also offer temporary storage, light-duty works, and transportation to the destination as well. So count on SEA-LINK JAPAN for everything from vehicle transport to storage/work in our yard.